At POW! Kids Entertainment we provide characters specially tailored to your child’s imagination.
Here are some examples:

Cowboy Ken
This cowboy from Texas town will have your child wanting to buy his own bull and move to Texas Town himself. Cowboy Ken is a natural comedian and never fails to disappoint. After introducing the children to his life in Texas Town, Cowboy Ken will entertain the children with magic tricks and contagious games filled with cowboy fun.
Our sensational superhero Spiderman will have your child daring to change the world and beat the bad guys for weeks. Your child will learn all of Spiderman’s powers and specialities and join him to search the city to beat the bad guys! Spiderman will play an array of great party games with the children as their imaginations go wild!
Brave Batman will take your child on a daring journey into Gotham city. Batman will share his bat-tasious secrets as your children bravely protect Gotham city from the scary bad guys! Batman will play heaps of fun games with the kids until they are exhausted with fun, fun, fun!!!
Daisy the Clown
Daisy the clown specializes in girls’ birthday parties. Daisy is circus trained and will wow your kids with her circus tricks and acrobatics. She can juggle, loop the hoop, perform magic-tricks and will have the kids bouncing around with her crazy-cool games.
Sensational Superman will wow your child with his humongous muscles and his out-of-this-world ability to fly. As he beats the bad guys he and the kids will stumble onto some kryptonite!!! But don’t worry the kids will save him and the world will be saved! Superman will play amazing games and do sensational magic tricks.
Elsa – Frozen
With her stunning beauty and supernatural powers, Elsa will propel your kids imaginations into the “Frozen” world for a party experience they will remember forever! From supernatural games to creating stunning face painting…..Elsa is the perfect choice for your next party.